We will qualify the best match for your business and
dedicate a relationship account manager for you.

100% Dedicated and 100% Your Assistant


Appointment Prospecting

We will generate more sales for your business. It's as easy as giving us your script, telling us where you want your new appointments entered, wether it be your CRM or calendar, and we will get you as many appointments as you’d like. We also offer Market Research Services to help you boost your prospecting needs.

Research & Data

You have more important tasks you need to complete. Delegate your time-consuming tasks to us and focus your energy on other aspects of your business. We can compile a list of contacts, conduct a competitive analysis, compile a list of relevant information, marketing research, data research, human resources, recruitment research and much more!

Calendar & Meeting

Grant us access to your calendar and we wil organize it to your preference. We can set meeting and appointment times, contact your clients and even schedule conference calls for all parties involved. That is not all we can do, however. We can do more based on your preferences. Any Outlook calendar or web based calendar service will work for us.

Inbound Calls

74% of potential customers are likely to choose another business after they have a bad experience. With a Virtual Assistant, every call is answered by a friendly and professional virtual receptionist who delivers exceptional experiences. Trust is built from the very first interaction and enhanced with every call, increasing the likelihood you’ve got a customer for life.

Document Collection

Time is money. Do not spend your time following up on missing documents or incomplete proposals from your clients when you can have your Virtual Assistant coordinate everything for you. Your Virtual Assistant is only a quick call or email away. We work in real time so we are always available for your real time needs.

Backoffice Support

Let's face it. No one likes doing back office work. It's horribly repetitive and full of menial tasks but it is absolutely neccessary in order to keep your business flowing properly. Lead Advisors provides teams of specialists who manage your business processes and even improves them to ensure your customers have great experiences with your business.

Email Support

Create a company email address for us just as you would any new hire for your company. Then, simply email us like every other employee. We stay on top of our inboxes so you never have to worry about delayed replies. We can also coordinate meetings with clients and work with you in real time just as any on-site office assistants.

Getting your virtual assistant started

Meet Your Assistant

For deeper integration, we assign you a Dedicated Account Manager who will contact you to assess your strategic delegation needs. Your account manager functions as your project manager and team captain, acting as your main point of contact who will learn your preferences and processes to ensure consistency, quality and smooth progress by taking the first-line responsibility for superior service quality.

Deepen The Connection

Once your account is up and running, we'll have a discovery meeting to determine your preferences, productivity needs and your goals. We'll set up your inbox, communication preferences and set up any recurring tasks. You can also utilize your account manager to help you organize your hourly, daily and weekly tasks. The more we know, the more productive we can be for your business.

Proactive Productivity

We want to proactively check for opportunities to add value to your tasks and strategic delegation process. We will check in with you on a regular basis to document any and all important future milestones. Internally, we will be monitoring performance reports and feedback looking for trends and opportunities to identify new tasks that you can strategically delegate to your account manager. We are dedicated to always keeping your account productive.

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