BPOrelations.com, is owned and managed by American business owners who have pursued call center services to handle all day to day concerns regarding retention, customer service, billing, and lead generation. We are in this business because we have been on both sides and we personally understand your business needs.

There is no need to worry and stress about customer satisfaction and turn-over once you partner with us. We know what it is like to have a huge payroll expense eating your profit and loss (P&L) and when all you can see are the expenses coming your way.

Our top customers are lead generators who resell our products for up to 75% or higher value in your markets or customers who have thousands of customers who dial their support servicing departments 24/7. The customer retention turn overs will increase if you reduce your overhead on your payroll salary cost.

No one knows this better than our CEO who has ran multiple platform companies in Los Angeles, California for B2B sales and/or lead generation. He has experienced what it's like to be in both positions at the same point and knows everything you need to know for you to make your business successful.

With us, you can reduce cost and pump it back into your business resources and revenues. Hire us for your call center needs and we will be your trusting partner that will assist you with your entire customer service, billing, telemarketing, or shipping services.

Whatever the business, industry, or channel, we offer a full range of managed services known to lower support costs, improve customer retention, and even increase conversion rates.

Corporate Overview

We are a Business Processing Outsourcing with vast knowledge of full-service lead generation sales platform for any size company.

Our team develops an effective plan that focuses on driving more sales to our customers regardless of range of the industry.

We offer advanced BPO from being a cost effective tool to a proven strategy to enhance processes within operational efficiencies.

Most successful organizations have already understood that cost savings happen to be one of the major advantages solely achieved by outsourcing their sales work to the call center


We're growing rapidly and offer competetive compensation and great benefits!

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We're a smart team whose experience covers a wide variety of backgrounds.

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Partnership Overview

Join our partnership program as an owner of a call center or marketing manager. Don't settle for mediocre.

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