Let's Scale Your Customer Support

World-Class Outsourcing

  •  Increase your revenue 2X or more like some of our other clients
  •  Lower your overhead and monthly operating costs
  •  Increase Customer Response time for more loyal customers
  •  Increase your own employees productivity by outsourcing


Always engage with your customers

Your one-stop shop for
award-winning call center solutions

Low-priced outsourcing

Reduce costs by up to 60% when you outsource your call center operations—no need to build an in-house workforce.

Experienced resources

Get highly qualified, professional call center agents to engage with your customers effectively as well as an onshore client services team to be with you every step of the way.

Blue-Chip Technology

Gain access to the best technology solutions, such as enterprise-grade telephony platforms, and carrier-grade International Private Lines (IPLs) that ensure ‘local call’ clarity.

Proven systems and processes

Leverage our tried-and-tested ways of running results- and quality-driven campaigns that hit KPIs and service levels consistently.

Compatible with any platform or service

We’re familiar with a wide variety of software to help support your clients. We work with many SAAS and PAAS providers and are familiar with many support and live chat software. For every customer we create a custom-tailored on-boarding guide for you which includes program specific training.

We’ll optimize your existing processes for you

Whether you’ve already clearly defined the role or if you’re not sure, our reps are quick to adapt as your company evolves. We’re not just a “people leasing” service but more of a process management company that will help not only manage your growing team but also refine and update processes for you based on our interaction with your customers.

Track your teams performance and progress

We make tracking metrics easy. Each week you’ll receive a report from your BPO Relations Success Manager detailing all the latest metrics relevant to the role we’re filling. The report will include any metrics or data you request and more that might affect job performance to ensure a successful outcome.

Customers interact with your brand on their terms, time and channel of their choice. We leverage this engagement into a personalised experience that increases customer acquisition and retention.


Live operator inbound & outbound phone support

Web initiated interactions

Live chat support

Email response & ticket handling

Text support

Social media support

Polls/ surveys and feedback programs

Help desk & technical support

Major CRM & helpdesk cloud toolsets cross platform support


Deliver impactful real time interactions with customers.

Agents who are trained in your brand voice, expression, culture & customer service best practices to create helpful engaging experiences for your customers.

Deliver the right information quickly, timely & efficiently.

We evolve with your customer support requirements, help you shape the strategy to create personalised & meaningful customer interactions.

We take great pride in our employees and the work that they do. What sets us apart is our staff


We hire talented individuals with years of experience in the BPO industry who are passionate and have the ability to create meaningful experiences for your customers.

We work like a family. We take joy in each others achievements, celebrate and have fun together. Our work culture attracts the best talent in the industry.

We care! We care for our customers & our staff. We believe a positive work space that encourages and is fun, brings out the best in each one of us and helps us to deliver & perform better each day!

Tropical country with 7,107 islands, 65% of population below 35 years and a booming US $16 billion BPO industry, it is the new BPO capital of the world!


It is the 3rd largest English speaking country in the world. It has a 95% literacy rate and 450,000 graduates are added to the talent pool each year.

English is their official language, and vast majority of Filipinos speak English with an American accent. Coupled with major bpo companies in the world setting up base in this country, there is a huge pool of talented individuals with years of work experience who have worked in business processes across B2B and B2C sectors.

Filipinos are passionate, eager to learn & most importantly, people who care. They are always smiling, having fun and love to watch English movies. Modern education combined with their colonial past has created a unique mix of western culture that acts a thriving ground for bpo’s.

Every business is unique and so is your customer support strategy. Over time as your customer care strategy evolves & requirements change, we create solutions that have been tailored for your consumer & brand.


Scalable solutions that are a right fit and unique to your business. Have a major product or service launch, event or a hackathon, or need more agents to cover the holiday sales rush? We have you covered!

Reliable, experienced & tech powered: our agents have access to latest technology, streamline work flows and processes.

Flexible: We work as an extension of your core team, enabling them to focus on key issues, escalated tickets, VIP accounts, while we manage your daily business processes.


For us customer support is our career and not just one department. We focus on customer experience as our core competency. We have our years of experience backed with technology and numerous real -life customer interactions that have led us to frame best customer support practices.

Cost effective & improved customer support experiences. We lower your costs by up to 60% and at same time empower your core teams to focus on key elements of growth.

Your core teams focus on innovation & are not spread thin across multiple departments.

Let's Scale Your Customer Support?

World-Class Outsourcing.

Grow without the Growing Pains?

Add BPO Relations On-Demand! No matter how fast or slow your company grows, know that we’ll be able to grow your team with you.

Improved Worker Productivity

Let your developers focus on what they do best. We’ll support your customers and give you customers feedback reports.

Lower Your Monthly Expenses

When you’re growing fast, cost can be an inevitable factor that limits your growth. We’re more cost-efficient than any other solution.

Mission-Critical Support for Growing Enterprises

No matter how big or small you are, we're your partner in getting bigger

Leasing vs Outsourcing

Which path is right for your business?

BPO Relations isn't just for the elite. If you’re a startup looking for remote people to handle tasks of any kind, our BPO Relations Leasing works great. We take care of the recruiting, hiring, compliance and employment status so you can focus on your business and work directly with the BPO Relations to integrate them into your company.

Alternatively, if you have an existing team or need to scale quickly, our BPO Relations Ops Solution will help you with your operation. We’ll provide a highly managed and consistent service experience every single month. All this without having the overhead of hiring more managers on your end as it’s all included on ours.

Hybrid Leasing

Start with 2

Monthly Subscription

Dedicated Leasing

Start with 5

Annual Agreement

Recruiting & Hiring

Payroll & Benefits

Work Infrastructure

Day-to-Day Supervision

Performance Warranty

Quality Assurance Team

Discounts for Size/Term



Do you have any questions? We’ve got answers


We provide outsourcing services to IT and Technology firms with services. Our service is custom-tailored to each company we work with and can be something as simple as customer support, outbound calling or advanced backend-office role. We allow companies to grow unrestrained and stay competitive as they grow.


Our company serves primarily bootstrapped and VC-backed companies. If you're in the need of 1-2 people to do different roles then you might consider using an online freelancer service. We work with startups expecting high-growth and need help to manage a part of their business that is absolutely necessary for their continued success. We create partnerships, not customers - as our growth is interdependent and level of passion equally brilliant.


There are no setup fees or hidden costs. We're transparent with our service and charge based on headcount and the role being fulfilled. Much like an apartment, we'll ask for the first and last months rent and start billing only once we've recruited all the BPO Relations your company needs. From then on we'll send out a monthly invoice payable via ACH, Credit Card or the more traditional, Check/Wire.


Once we both have a good understanding on the roles being filled, we'll send out the service agreement. After this we'll immediately begin recruiting and work with your team to create a tailored training program for your hires. A typical hiring time for a round of 10 BPO Relations could take anywhere from 2-6 weeks. Once we've vetted all the recruits we'll train them to your standards and go-live with your approval.

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